Tips from the Top - January 2018


Mail in the CV/Resume

Ask applicants to MAIL their application letter and CV to you. This ensures that applicants really WANT the role and have done as you requested. It also avoids the huge number of overseas applicants that email CV's for every job—whether their skills fit or not!

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The BANT Method

Qualifying an opportunity, use the BANT method:
• Budget, is it defined, approved?
• Authority, does the person you are speaking with have the authority to make a decision, if not, what is the process?
• Need, do they have a need that makes good business sense, will there be an ROI?
• Timing, do they have a defined timeline to start and finish the project. Is there a team in place to work on this project?

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Quick Tips

Can You Answer This One Question?

To find your story, answer this question: In one sentence, what gives you joy about what you do?

By : Denise O’Malley, You Define Wellness!

Mergers and Acquisitions

When purchasing or merging with another business, do not underestimate the value of keeping the original phone numbers for the company you are acquiring. Customers will keep those numbers around for a long time and call it when they have a need. You want to be answering that phone.
For example, a TAB Board Member is still receiving orders from a company he purchased 7 years ago—even though the number is no longer advertised.

By : TAB Winnipeg Board 401

What’s Stopping You?

Is your analytical mind keeping you from growing faster than you otherwise would?

By : Chip Roepke, ContactPC

All About Trust

Trust is the foundation of everything you do: employees, customers, everything. Tie business goals to personal goals to fuel your motivation.

By : Chad Williams, Rockhaven

Evaluating Software

I found a way to have the software we’ve had developed over several years evaluated by an independent party. They gave the code an A+. Now I feel even more confident in our solution and in our developers.

By : Melissa Baker, Xebee Records